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September 13 2014


Why Some Home Builders are Simply Better Than Others

Since the beginning of time, one of mankind's most essential concerns has been the procurement of a safe, sound and secure dwelling. As the centuries have unfolded and time has progressed, a person's home has increasingly become a symbol of his wealth, status and standing in society. However, having a nice home is more than just a status symbol. Humans still hearken back to that primal need for comfort and security. Today, of course, people desire more than a dry cave with a campfire - they want a custom home designed by Humphrey Homes http://www.humphreyhomes.com.au/). There is a certain amount of security inherent in having the best of the best build your home, or in purchasing one they made. It's rather like driving a Mercedes or a Volvo automobile - you simply feel better protected than you might in other cars when going down the road. While you know that the possibility for something to go wrong exists, you also know they're a lot less likely to do so when you're dealing with an automobile (or home builder) with a reputation for sterling quality.

Humphrey Homes

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why this is the case? It makes sense, if you think about it. A top quality luxury home builder Perth is building more than homes; he is also building his own reputation as a builder. Therefore, he pays attention to the details that many others might ignore ... details that make a difference. The same details that could potentially undermine portions of the home's integrity, or which would drive the home buyer nuts when they came to his attention. Small things matter - a lot. Additionally, the quality of the chosen components when constructing the house are important. For example, granite counter tops instead of laminate. Finished wood floors instead of inexpensive carpet thrown hastily over sub-flooring. The differences in a carefully constructed luxury home (see humphreyhomes.com.au), and one that was cheaply thrown together, are generally apparent in two primary ways: craftsmanship and choice of fixtures and materials.

Thus it is when a person strolls through a beautiful luxury home for sale that they will notice things that were not present in many other homes. They will appreciate characteristics such as the quality and intricacy and substance of the home's trim package, beautiful and substantial materials, and Humphrey Homes Office features such as tray ceilings, exquisite fixtures and high end appliances. The attention to detail means the absence of gaps, straight walls and square corners, and flawlessly finished walls. A truly great builder takes pride in his work, and builds each home as if it were going to be his own - and it is this caring, ultimately, is what makes all the difference. 

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